Managing the Learning Environment with Absolute

By: Absolute Team | 10/31/2012

Thomas College is a liberal arts and business school in Waterville, Maine, with approximately 1,100 undergraduate and graduate students and 150 faculty and staff. Committed to preparing its students for careers in business, technology, and education, this college offers many perks including mobile computer technology.

After several laptops were stolen in May 2008, the CIO began seeking a way to secure their laptop deployments on a tight budget. Laptop theft has significantly dropped at Thomas College, after the deployment of Absolute. In addition, using automatic alerts, the IT team can closely monitor laptops for possible theft incidents.

"Absolute was exactly what we wanted and checked every single box. It’s an innovative yet well-established product in the marketplace. Plus Absolute had an impressive track record in education,” said Chris Rhoda, Vice President for Information Services and CIO at Thomas College.

Get the full case study here to learn about the other ways that Thomas College has put Absolute to work in their school.

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