Managing the Risks of the Cloud

By: Stephen Midgley | 2/10/2015

I was recently asked to comment on how to keep cloud data safe for an article in the Financial Times. In the article, I answer the question, “What can I do if information leaks?"

There are many misconceptions about the cloud and the security of data therein. The iCloud hack and subsequent leak of celebrity photos has brought this issue to the forefront, but it’s an issue that both consumers and enterprises must consider.

Points I address in the article include:

  • Consumer-focused file storage (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive) is not meant to store corporate data, and yet often does
  • That the cloud can be compromised
  • How to balance the risks and efficiencies of using the cloud by managing the portals (i.e. devices) which access the cloud

As these celebrities found out, their cloud data could be compromised by poor password security. We suggest organizations help secure data in the cloud and the data endpoints that access the cloud by adopting a 3-pronged approach of Policy, Education and Technology. To learn more, read my full article here.

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