Managing mobile devices along with PCs

By: Absolute Team | 8/30/2011

In a market update entitled "Mobile Device and PC Configuration Life Cycle Management Tools," Gartner last week offered some findings and recommendations on the new market of combined PCLM and MDM software tools.

While noting that most PCLM tools do not yet offer integrated MDM, analyst Terrence Cosgrove goes on to look at six vendors that already do, including Absolute Software. He also recommends that any organizations evaluating PCLM software should first consider tools that include both capabilities - particularly if they anticipate a future need for MDM.

In developing Mobile Device Management for Absolute Manage, we took the same view more than a year ago. It's encouraging to see that our approach remains ahead of the market in many ways, but the truth is that there is nothing new for us in offering multi-platform management of increasingly diverse endpoints.

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