Managing Devices in the Field with Absolute

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 9/14/2016

“When your devices are stolen, and you have secure company information walking around out there, you come to realize how vulnerable you really are,” notes Robert Mika, Manager of IT Support Services for the Las Vegas Valley Water District.

The Challenge: Managing and Securing Devices in the Field

The Las Vegas Valley Water District provides water to over 1 million Southern Nevada residents. They employ 1,400 full-time employees and 500 temporary and contract staff in order to service customers, to supply quality water and to ensure sustainability of their desert community.

With over 1,000 laptops in their deployment, the nature of field work often puts these devices at risk for theft. Additionally, the possibility of former employees failing to return District laptops means that potentially sensitive information could be in the hands of those who no longer have interests in the company. Substantial device loss, along with the risk of a data breach, motivated their search for a comprehensive security solution.

Gaining Control Over Devices and Data in the Field with Absolute DDS

The Las Vegas Valley Water District selected Absolute DDS to help overcome these challenges. Since installing Absolute DDS, the District has improved the recovery rate for stolen laptops. At the same time, they have offloaded the recovery process to the Absolute Investigations team, resulting in both time and technology savings.

Device theft is only a part of the issue, as data loss has the potential for much greater harm. Using Absolute DDS, the District is able to perform a remote Data Delete whenever a device drifts for an extended period or if a former employee fails to return an issued device. The District also leverages Absolute DDS to ensure that employees are compliant with existing security policies. The District also leverages our extended reporting capabilities to help shape future policy and compliance standards.

Find out more about how the Las Vegas Valley Water District is able to deter theft, improve IT efficiency and adhere to the strict public sector data security regulations in our full case study.

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently identified endpoint devices as a top federal concern, a concern which is shared among many public and private agencies and organizations. Public sector and government agencies trust Absolute as a proven partner and a technology leader in persistent endpoint security and data risk management, providing unprecedented visibility into the endpoint. Learn more about Absolute’s solutions to address data security and mobility in the public sector here.

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