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Manage Your Mac Security Threats

April 11, 2012

All of the recent press about the Flashback Trojan affecting Mac devices has brought to the surface an important discussion: Macs are not immune to security threats. Not long after its launch, the Flashback virus hit 1% of all Macs worldwide - hundreds of thousands of computers in total. That percentage may now have doubled. As security experts note, this is just a hint of the risks to come.

Given that Macs have not been as inundated with threats in the past 10 years, Mac owners have been lax about security. It's time that Mac users started to pay attention. As with all operating systems, Mac users should have basic security measures in place:

There have been many tools released to help detect and remove the Flashback Trojan from Macs - but not all of them are easy to use. As we noted in our earlier post and as recommended this week by Forrester, Absolute Manage can be used to easily automate the detection and removal of the Flashback Trojan. It can also be used for so much more!

When you're in the corporate environment, you want a tool that can manage your Mac devices with as much automation as possible. You want to know that your software is being updated and patched, that unauthorized software is removed, and that your assets are being tracked. That's where we come in - with Absolute Manage. Absolute Manage is a lifecycle management and mobile device solution that allows you to manage PC, Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android devices in your deployment from a single interface.

Let us help keep your Mac devices safe - learn more here.

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