Malware Trends in 2012

By: Absolute Team | 3/26/2012

PCWorld's Nick Mediati recently spoke with several companies attending this year's RSA Security Conference about the trends in malware for 2012. While many articles have focused on overall security trends for 2012, it's important to understand what "growing malware concerns" could mean.

Here are 6 malware trends that are happening right now:

  1. SSL isn't so safe. Cybercriminals have found out how to grab your username / password before the encryption technology kicks in.
  2. Targeted malware is on the rise; malware that accesses your browser history will infect you if you meet certain criteria.
  3. New malware is hard to spot and remove
  4. Ransomware is increasing (malware that won't go away unless you pay)
  5. Old problems resurface
  6. Mobile malware increasing

You're likely to learn a few new things about malware if you read further in to this article. Did you know about ransomware, for example?

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