Malware on the Rise - Trojans Dominate

By: Absolute Team | 4/7/2011

Panda Labs has released its quarterly report on the security landscape of 2011 and how it compares to the past. According to the report, hackers have created 26% more new threats in the first quarter of 2011 than in the same time period of 2010 - a dramatic increase.

The first quarter has seen intense virus activity, a large Android cell phone attack, a continued use of Facebook for malware distribution and an attack by the Anonymous hacktivist group against the HBGary Federal security firm. There was an average of 73,000 new samples of malware each day.

As far as malware goes, 70% of new malware created in 2011 has been Trojans. This points to a great deal of organized cybercriminals who favor Trojan attacks to steal bank details. It will be interesting to look back on 2011 data to see if a corresponding increase in fraud will be found.

The report gives examples of some malware created, the trends in types of malware, and common vulnerabilities. Read the rest of the report here.

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