Malware Hits All Time High

By: Absolute Team | 11/18/2010

According to the third quarter threat report from McAfee, the average daily malware growth has reached an all time high - 60,000 new malware items are identified each day. And cybercriminals are definitely doing their homework:

"Although attacks on social media, such as Koobface and AutoRun malware, seem to have leveled off, the attacks have not ended cybercriminal manipulation. Twitter, for example, provides an attacker with information on the most popular terms and trends being discussed. Shortened URL services hide website destinations, disguising malicious links targeted at users searching for these popular terms."

Highlights from the survey:

  • 14 million unique pieces of malware have been identified in 2010
  • 60% of the top Google search terms returned malicious sites within the first 100 results
  • The Zeus botnet cost US SMBs $70 million
  • Cutwail bots accounted for more than 50% in traffic in every country
  • The Stuxnet worm, which emerged in July, appears to be a weapon written to sabotage critical infrastructure. Infections are highest in India.
  • Spam is at its lowest level in 2 years
  • Malware identified per day is up 400% since 2007

As PC World notes, holiday season means a spike in online shopping and cybercrime activity. Be extra vigilant in your online purchasing decisions and beware emails that attempt to sell you products online.

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