Major iPhone Security Flaw Exposes Data

By: Absolute Team | 6/2/2010

Corporations may want to take note of this piece of mobile security news from ZDNet. If you allow individuals within your corporation to use iPhones for corporate phones, you may want to issue a warning about a new security flaw that has been found and/or review your mobile security policy to ensure your data is not at risk.

Security experts Bernd Marienfeldt and Jim Herbeck discovered a data protection vulnerability in a fully-updated iPhone 3GS that was already using the PIN code security. Essentially, using a PC running Lucid Lynx, a security vulnerability could be exploited to bypass the PIN and access music, photos, videos, voice recordings, browsing data and more.

Apple has been able to reproduce the issue, according to the aforementioned security expert, but no timing on a solution has yet been proposed to this security flaw.

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