LNT Group Uses Absolute Manage for Mobile Deployment

June 21, 2013

Computerweekly is currently sharing the case study of how LNT Group, which operates Ideal Care Homes, manages their iPhone deployment using Absolute Manage. The article details the process LNT Group went through in deciding what phones to support and how to support them.

When employees began asking to use their personal devices, LNT Group made the decision to adopt a corporate-owned device plan that would support iPhones only. In June 2012, 1700 staff iPhones were deployed and security protocols were set up, but they ran into challenges managing those devices and allowing for security exceptions; as a result, security standards began to relax.

Leigh Ellis, development team manager at LNT Group, notes that some of the challenges they faced in managing the iPhone deployment included setting up document access securely (time and location-specific settings were too rigid for all needs), managing the inventory in real-time (the inaccurate spreadsheet they were using grew to be inaccurate), and having to upgrade each iPhone manually, making the process prone to human error and time consuming.

Given the challenges, Leigh looked into MDM solutions that would help to manage their needs. The goal of the product search was to find a solution that would provide live inventory assessment, the ability to push updates and apps to all devices, a single iTunes account to manage devices and the ability to lock stolen and lost phones for stricter access controls.

After doing his research, Leigh Ellis chose Absolute Manage from Absolute Software. With Absolute Manage, LNT Group was able to expand its mobile device policy to include BYOD devices as well as corporately-owned devices, all while making the management simpler than it was before:

The article continues in talking about a custom app that LNT created to give employees self-service options such as holiday requests or hour management as well as to push news to staff.

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