Lewisville ISD Manages 70,000 Devices with Absolute Manage

By: Absolute Team | 7/10/2014

The Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) manages nearly 70,000 computers, laptops and mobile devices across 70 schools with an IT staff of fewer than 60 people. They do this with the help of Absolute Manage.

eSchool News shares the story of how LISD centralized its technology team for efficiency and created a team devoted to ed-tech device management, but the management of devices became difficult very quickly. It became clear that the team would need to manage multiple device types in order to meet the changing demands in education.

“Instruction is really what drives technology for us, and adapting to their requests is vital,” Bulthaup said. To create a student-centered, project-based learning environment, Lewisville ISD began purchasing iPads and MacBook laptops to supplement its Windows-based computers.

So rather than standardizing on devices, “we looked to standardize on systems and processes instead,” Mark Bulthaup, Desktop Management Lead at Lewisville ISD

During the deployment of 4,200 new devices (MacBooks and iPads), LISD attempted to use a third-party to deploy the devices, but it left the team with little control over the process and ended up being both time-consuming and prone to errors. When they attempted to take over management of setup, deployment and updates for devices, they had to use many systems and ran into error-prone installs.

After many approaches had failed to work for LISD, the team found Absolute Manage in 2013 to help its staff provision, track and manage a variety of devices, all from a simple, easy-to-use console. The results have been fantastic. With deployment and management of devices now streamlined, LISD saves both time and money.

Despite the large number of devices and relatively small IT staff, where the ratio is 1 IT staff to 1,300 machines, the district is able to leverage Absolute Manage to effectively deploy and manage new devices, keep software up to date, monitor compliance with licenses, enable power management to save money, and even deploy eBooks in a more secure and efficient way.


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