Leveraging GRC to Drive Organizational Success

By: Absolute Team | 9/10/2014

While governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) programs have matured well over time, this maturity has come mostly in response to new and changing regulations, which has resulted in programs that are narrowly focused on protecting employees, investors, consumers, and other stakeholders — not on protecting the business itself. This narrow use of GRC misses out on opportunities to leverage GRC with customer interactions and boost growth and revenue as a result.

In the complimentary Analyst Report by Forrester Research, “Extend Compliance And Risk Management To What Really Matters For Your Business” Forrester researchers explore further how GRC can be the driver behind success.

As the report notes, "companies rarely fail because of poor financial controls, but they fail frequently due to their inability to understand and address disruptive technologies, market fluctuations, changing customer

expectations, and competitive pressures. This report recommends that companies expand the fundamentals of GRC to the aspects of the company that drive success with customer interactions, which will in turn drive growth and revenue for your company and better participation in GRC."

The report explores:

  • How the current focus of risk and compliance efforts is too narrow
  • How existing GRC programs ignore the risks that cause companies to fail
  • The risks that cause companies to fail
  • How GRC can reduce costs and losses
  • How GRC can drive performance
  • How to leverage GRC

To learn more about how to leverage GRC, download the report here. To learn how Absolute Software’s GRC solutions can drive organizational success, visit Absolute.com.

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