Less than 2% of All PCs are Fully Patched

By: Absolute Team | 12/5/2008

Secunia has followed-up to a survey done one year ago to see if PCs are any more secure this year than last. The data was collected from 20,000 new users of their software in the period of a week, mirroring the same sample from a year previous. The software is thus able to give a snapshot of how many installed programs are "secure" or "patched."

Based on the data, PCs are more insecure than they were last year. Only 1.91% of PCs scanned could claim to have full secure / patched programs. The rest were not running the latest (and most secure) version of software available on at least one program.

  • 0 Insecure Programs: 1.91% of PCs
  • 1-5 Insecure Programs: 30.27% of PCs
  • 6-10 Insecure Programs: 25.07% of PCs
  • 11+ Insecure Programs: 45.76% of PCs

Quite scary that nearly half of those 20,000 PCs had more than 11 programs unpatched! Leaving programs unpatched makes them targets for hackers, which can lead to data leak issues if not stopped up. Mainstream programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash and broswers are major targets for hackers.

So, perhaps now is a time to run your security updates? On PC and Mac, most programs can be updated automatically, or all together. In a few instances, you may need to 'check for updates' in individual programs. Of course, in a corporate environment, where you're dealing with hundreds or thousands of computers, you need a way to manage this at once. Absolute's asset tracking can help inventory what software and patches are installed, but other strategies (including Secunia PSI) can supplement in rolling out updates regularly.

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