Lenovo and Absolute Shield Laptops, Protect Data on the Go

By: Mark Grace | 9/14/2018

In 2017, there was an all-time high of 1,765 data breaches with 2.6 billion records compromised. While this year isn’t quite tracking to that number so far, it’s impossible to predict what the second half of 2018 will bring.

Cyberattack trends vary from one year to the next. Case in point, we haven’t seen the large-scale ransomware attacks that were so painful throughout 2017 during this calendar year. But we have had to cope with hackers stealing hundreds of millions of customer records from big corporations and valuable intellectual property from hundreds of US universities. And let’s not forget the high profile vulnerabilities Meltdown and Spectre – just to name a few.

While we may not always know how cyber criminals will attack next, what we can count on is the fact they will continue to find new and more resourceful ways to breach your environment. Their illicit business is simply too lucrative. As hackers ramp up their game, so must the security professionals who work diligently to thwart their efforts. This savvy group of defenders includes individual IT and security experts who block and tackle for your organization as well as Fortune 500 companies that manufacture the devices you rely on.

Lenovo, a global technology leader driving intelligent transformation through smart devices, is one such company. Today, they announced their new end-to-end security suite to keep users and the companies they work for safer.

ThinkShield by Lenovo is complete security that spans the device lifecycle. It guards the device, the user’s identity and the data stored on it, as well as secures against online threats. It also includes Absolute Persistence technology which provides IT admins with an unbreakable connection to all of their devices so they can leverage enriched asset intelligence, automate endpoint hygiene and stay audit-ready with continuous compliance.

Corporate partnerships like these are key to delivering premier endpoint security tools to the people who need them. Defending against the multi-faceted methods employed by cybercriminals can’t be accomplished by one person or a single organization but together, we can accomplish great things. We are thrilled to be partnering with Lenovo on this new initiative.

Learn more about Lenovo ThinkShield with Persistence from Absolute.

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