Laptop Theft Nearly Universal in Enterprises

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 7/18/2014

According to research conducted by IDC on behalf of Kensington, IT managers are reporting a 21% increase in laptop theft, with only 3% of all stolen laptops recovered. Theft of mobile devices is up 21% too, and it’s only a matter of time before these devices, laden with business data and network access, lead to a large scale data breach.

According to the same research, 91% of companies in the US are dealing with the theft and loss of tablets and laptops. The whitepaper discusses the financial impact these thefts have on the bottom line, everything from lost productivity, regulatory and legal penalties, and damage to client relationships to the impact on your company’s reputation. Data breach costs continue to rise too, up 15% this past year alone. As the Ponemon Institute noted earlier this year, “companies are finding that data breaches have become as common as a cold, but far more expensive to treat."

Whether those thefts are happening in the office or outside, the data on these devices is at risk. Other research indicates that laptops represent 22% of the most vulnerable assets in the organization. With thefts on the rise, and employees consistently mixing personal activities on corporate devices and corporate data on personal devices, organizations need stronger endpoint security plans in place to make sure a device theft does not turn into a data breach.

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