Laptop Theft Hits Hard On Campus

By: Absolute Team | 1/21/2013

Universities and colleges are one of the top 10 places laptops are stolen. Georgetown University is currently trying to combat persistent the dozens of yearly laptop thefts on its campus by outlining some tips on The Hoya, the official university newspaper.

As the article notes, "a laptop is a true staple of college life, and students should consider taking every possible measure to protect it." When I was in University, my own laptop broke down and I lost a lot of work - class notes, an essay and my ability to do research, keep on top of class updates & stay in contact with my friends. Although I had most of my data backed up (thankfully) and could re-create the rest in the school computer lab, the incident caused me many hours of extra work and unnecessary stress. Thankfully, I had not actually lost my laptop - that would have resulted in a complete loss of my personal files as well as my technology!
Some of the tips promoted by The Hoya include:
  • Never leave your laptop unattended
  • Install laptop tracking and recovery software such as LoJack for Laptops
  • Write down the serial number of your devices
  • Avoid suspicious websites and emails (paying extra special attention on high risk areas such as streaming / downloadable video content)
  • Back up your data regularly (online or via an external drive)
  • Make use of University Information Systems technicians, who are available to help troubleshoot technical problems or assess if your computer is compromised.
Many Universities will set up resources online for laptop security tips that are customized to offer guidance specific to each campus. That said, there are resources for laptop security that are universal. We have many more tips for security your devices on campus; read up on these security tips:
  • Dorm Laptop Safety Tips
  • Campus Safety Tips (covers Laptop Security and other security tips for College / University students)
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