Keeping iPads Safe with Students and Schools

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 2/27/2014

Brad Dargusch recently wrote an article on the BES IT Systems Blog about how to keep iPads safe in the K-12 environment. As Bran notes, there is no question that tablets are rapidly entering - and changing - the education environment, but that the benefits of tablet use come with risks that need to be managed.

Our students participating in 1:1 or BYOD programs are now walking around with very expensive and more importantly sought-after iPads. These iPads are both in high-demand and have a high resale value that makes them a huge target for thieves. Our kids are essentially walking around with $500 in their hands and for many thieves it’s too tempting of a target to resist.

As Brad notes, the theft of tablets (particularly iPads) from both students and from schools - where thousands of dollars in devices may be stored - are issues that school districts must take seriously. K-12 Schools are the #1 place that laptops are reported stolen, with schools with known 1-to-1 programs being targeted by thieves. Kids themselves are also increasingly the victims of thefts as they walk to and from school or are seen with devices outside of school.

We are taking these threats seriously. At Absolute Software, we are addressing these security issues with programs and services designed specifically for the needs of K-12 customers. As profiled by Brad, our Computrace Mobile Theft Management (MTM) solution, allows you to safeguard your iPad and iPad mini devices from loss and theft, with a program of loss prevention and theft investigation by our Investigation Team.

For K-12 organizations looking to protect a wider variety of laptops and tablets we also offer these same crime prevention and theft recovery services through our Safe Schools program

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