Keep Your Phone Dry

By: Absolute Team | 8/1/2012

We take pride in helping to protect your mobile devices. Sadly, we can't protect you from all accidents that may befall them. Water, for example. Many devices fall prey to this risk. They may stop working partially or fully and your data may become irretrievable. No matter what, your life and your work will be impacted by this damage.

CIO offers tips to keep your mobile phone dry:

  1. Don't leave it on the bathroom counter while you shower - the steam can damage the phone
  2. Don't keep your phone in your shirt or pants pocket when using the bathroom - you don't want a toilet accident!
  3. Don't put your phone in a bag with any liquid in case said liquid (even sun lotion) opens accidentally. Chilled liquids can also damage phones from condensation.
  4. Place your phone in a zip-lock if you think it may get wet (on a boat, in a bag)
  5. Keep your phone in your pocket or bag at a restaurant or cafe to avoid accidental spills onto the device
  6. Use a water-protective case at the gym - sweat can damage a phone too!

If your phone does get wet accidentally, immerse it in a bowl of rice as soon as possible and do not turn it on. After 24 hours, if it does not turn on, seek help from your mobile carrier.

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