K-12 IT Leaders Share Insights on Shifting to Digital Education

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 4/25/2016

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) recently released its 4th Annual K-12 IT Leadership Survey, whose goal it is to understand how technology is being used in schools in order to engage IT leaders to create more engaging learning environments through the effective use of technology.

The highlights from the survey show that IT leaders have many concerns as well as important insights:

  1. Broadband and network capacity is now a struggle, constrained by budget and lack of resources
  2. Privacy and security of student data is an increasing concern, rated as 64% more important than last year)
  3. Most districts expect at least 50% of instructional materials to be digital within 3 years
  4. Only 11% of school districts ban student personal devices
  5. The path to IT leadership is different for men and women

Following these insights, it comes as no surprise that Broadband & Network Capacity, Wireless Access and Mobile Learning are the top priorities for the majority of K-12 IT Leaders. 

“There is innovative change happening in our schools. But with this digital transformation is a new frontier of challenges confronting IT administrators,” said Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN. “The education community should know what is top of mind for school IT leaders so we can better support their leadership capacity and advance learning outcomes empowered through technology.”

At Absolute, we want to support the shift to digital learning while also helping to protect district investment in technologies, a major concern with flat or declining IT budgets. Absolute DDS for Education not only helps secure your technology investment, but also helps protect your students. Persistence technology, embedded in the core of devices at the factory, provides a reliable two-way connection so Education organizations can confidently manage mobility, investigate potential threats, and maintain the safety of students who use these devices. When a device is stolen, the Absolute Investigations team works with law enforcement to help recover the device.

Absolute recovery services are often combined with Absolute Safe Schools, a free program delivered by Absolute investigators that works with students, staff, and the community to create a safer school environment. Learn more about how we can help you provide a safe learning environment here.

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