Jumpstarting Your BYOD Policy

By: Absolute Team | 4/16/2012

In follow up to the ESET survey on the bring-your-own-device trend (BYOD) and the associated security challenges, which we discussed here, ESET has released an infographic that helps put some of the survey findings into perspective.

As the infographic shows, device security is clearly lacking both at the employee level and the organizational level. With 66% of organizations lacking a BYOD policy, it's no wonder that employees, left to their own motivations, are not adequately protecting devices.

In terms of tangible takeaways, ESET recommends that basic BYOD employee training include:

  • Training on physical security
  • Training on Wi-Fi security
  • Information about social engineering attacks and how to avoid them
  • A requirement to password-protect personal devices and education on strong passwords
  • Clearly stated rules on what work-related data can be accessed from personal devices

If you are looking into improving your BYOD policies, call us to learn about how Computrace Mobile and Absolute Manage MDM can help. You can also read our recent whitepaper on managing the security and risk of personal devices in the workplace.

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