John Livingston Talks Absolute & ITAM

By: Absolute Team | 8/2/2012

Absolute Software CEO John Livingston recently spoke with The ITAM Review about our company and our place in the IT Asset Management environment.

As John notes, Absolute Software has always evolved to meet the challenges and needs of managing and securing mobile devices, and we hope to continue to anticipate the changes in the market as we have in the past.

John talks in the article about Computrace and Absolute Manage, our End-of-Life Data Delete and why proper decommissioning of devices is important for compliance, what "visibility of endpoints" means (see quote below), automated workflow, our partnerships and the future.

"'Visibility over endpoints'  means IT having complete control over endpoints, regardless of locale. It means IT being able to take action on devices deemed to be at risk as well as the more day-to-day requirements of asset management such as monitoring for and repurposing under used devices. For IT organisations dealing with the rapid proliferation of mobility, visibility and control are essential to ensuring compliance."

John predicts that the near-term challenges will be about device ownership (BYOD) and employee privacy. Read more of this interview here.

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