ITIL Gap Analysis

By: Absolute Team | 4/4/2013

ITIL is a set of practices that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business, which can refocus an organization from relying on a reactive focus to a proactive process-based one. Despite its obvious benefits, many organizations find it challenging to know where to begin or how to navigate the core publications. As such, the initial foray into ITIL can be more costly than expected.

In order to avoid confusion and disorganization in adopting ITIL best practices, to ensure both the development and use of them provides cost savings as well as creating efficiencies for the business and consumers, you can use a gap analysis.

A gap analysis is a way for organizations to compare its current state to its desired operational state using several phases, clearly laying out the starting point for adopting ITIL best practices. Global Knowledge has released a whitepaper on ITIL Gap Analysis, covering all areas of the topic including definition of scope, using a standard set of questions, identifying what is currently done well, and identifying what actions should be taken to close the gaps.

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