IT Pros Consider People Biggest Threat to Cloud Security

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 12/23/2016

Mirroring the findings from the Business Perception of IT Security, which found that the Insider Threat (careless or uninformed employee actions) were the root cause of most data breaches and the top cyberthreat, the Cloud Security Survey from Netwrix found that 61% of respondents believe their own employees pose more risk to data security in the cloud than anyone else.

The second annual Cloud Security Survey polled 600 IT professionals from technology, government, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and other industries about their thoughts on the cloud and on data security. According to the findings, 70% of respondents believe security and privacy of data and systems in the cloud remains a top worry. The top three cloud security worries include unauthorized access, malware and denial of service (DoS) attacks.

While cyberattacks on data held in the cloud remains a worry, the survey reinforces that the true weakness in cloud security is people. As with endpoint security and network security, the core weakness is always people. At Absolute, we’ve talked about the Three Faces of the Insider Threat, which are the same across networks, endpoints and the cloud, and how understanding these types of behaviour can help mitigate the insider threat.

Gaining Visibility into the Cloud

95% of respondents in this survey consider visibility into user activities in the cloud to be an important element in cloud providers’ security guarantees, and yet such an offloading of responsibility is unrealistic and often non-compliant. You cannot rely on others to secure your corporate data, nor can you hope that cloud providers can provide any insight into the growing problems of Shadow IT.

Recent studies from Oracle and VMware have indicated the growth in Shadow IT related to cloud application and cloud storage, often driven by the decentralization of IT. While the majority of cloud applications lack enterprise-grade security and cause fragmentation that increases the risk of cyberattack, the real problem is visibility. If data is living in the cloud, how do you know it’s there?

Absolute is helping confront the dangers of unmonitored cloud storage use and the ongoing Insider Threats putting data at risk on the endpoint and in the cloud. Absolute's technology scans for sensitive data being stored on endpoint devices, even if stored in cloud applications, with remote capabilities to wipe data and remediate security threats. To learn more, get started with your free evaluation version of Absolute DDS today.

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