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ISTE 2011: The Year of MDM

June 30, 2011

What a year at ISTE 2011! Over the past 3 days, we have witnessed so many people talk about the future of education technology, viewed new tools teachers’ use in their schools and listened to new tech-based curriculum, all in an effort to better teach students. It’s always great to see, and is really something the ISTE conference has come to be known for.

Just as example, in the first two days, we’ve seen how interactive white boards can revolutionize a classroom and the announcement that the first digital-only K-12 textbooks are set to launch. We also reached a big milestone internally, as we recovered our 20,000th stolen device!

Of course with these new tools, school districts will need to be sure to have new devices in place, particularly iPads and other tablets, so students can access the technology. But the great thing we have seen since being here is the level of interest in Mobile Device Management this year.

It appears that many schools and districts started providing iPads to their teachers and students, but didn’t install MDM beforehand. But that’s changing. It’s clear that more districts understand the error in launching an iPad initiative this way. We have seen a number of administrators come by to share their story. One such administrator mentioned that she had 1,000 iPads, one IT administrator and they tracked them all manually!

Why make it tougher than it is? With Absolute Manage MDM, we can provide tools to secure the devices remotely. You can do this all with the one IT administrator, but instead of doing it manually, the MDM software keeps track. The IT administrator can control the security from his office, and doesn’t have to worry about going to each tablet individually to update the security software or remind the teachers to change their passwords.

And that’s the next step that school districts are taking. With all the new tools and devices at their disposal, they are investing quickly, and then figuring out how to keep the investment safe. Hopefully, moving forward, the security of the device will be considered before any purchase is made. That will keep the students, teachers and taxpayers happy because the investment in the devices won’t go to waste. And then we can continue to see all the wonderful innovations each year at ISTE.

K-12 Security & Analytics

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