iPad Data Breaches Have Begun

By: Absolute Team | 10/19/2011

We are (unfortunately) familiar with hearing about breaches that are the result of lost laptops, computers or data tapes. Even a more recent breach affecting 4.9 million, after a government contractor left backup computer tapes in his car, seems a familiar scenario.

New to the scene of data breaches, though soon to be familiar I'm sure, is the loss of corporate iPads. Eventbrite recently let their customers know "about a mistake we made" when two iPads went missing in transit, putting the credit card information of 28 people at risk. To Eventbrite's credit, it sounds like they were very well prepared for this incident:

When we found out that the devices were stolen, we immediately notified law enforcement authorities of the situation. We then set up a remote password lock on the devices and initiated a remote data wipe. We also worked quickly to determine what data was stored within the application’s database on those specific pieces of hardware.

In addition to making serious modifications to both their technology and policies after the incident, Eventbrite was able to let customers know about the proactive security measures that had been put in place. This is very rare to hear about in breach reports.

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