How iOS 8 Will Affect Your Enterprise

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/30/2014

With the launch of the iPhone 6 last month, and the rollout of iOS 8 soon after, a lot of changes have been introduced that have the potential to impact the work environment. I took a look at some of the top new features of iOS 8 and shared some of these insights on Apps Tech News with How the new iOS8 features will affect your enterprise.

When a new iOS comes with the descriptions about “new ways to share content” and “new connections between apps and between devices,” organizations need to look closely at what these features mean and what their potential impact on data security could be.

iOS 8 Features With Organizational Impact

  1. Handoff / iCloud Drive -  two new features have been rolled out that could give even greater flexibility to workers who use multiple devices. iCloud Drive will allow employees to work on any document from any location, and from any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or even a Windows PC. The collaboration and continuity of working is further enhanced with Handoff, which allows for seamless transfer of data between devices sharing the same iCloud login. Risk: These changes could potentially increase the chance of sensitive data going missing or falling into the wrong hands.
  2. Third party APIs - third party applications can now access some aspects of iOS. For example, you will no longer be restricted to the pre-installed keyboard. Risk: This could introduce new vulnerabilities.
  3. Fingerprint identification - Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner is now available to third party developers, extending its use beyond unlocking and purchasing alone. Opportunity: This could be used as part of a two-factor authentication system to increase data protection.


Providing your employees with the flexibility they need to work how they want, when they want and on the device they want is absolutely vital to improving productivity and staff retention. Implementing a secure and unified framework for managing all devices allows organizations to balance usability with data security. When new devices and operating systems are available, these should seamlessly integrate into existing management frameworks.

The full article is available here. You can also read the article I wrote last month for Enterprise Apps Tech, Why Reports of MDM’s death are greatly exaggerated.

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