Introducing Endpoint Data Discovery on Absolute DDS

By: Arieanna Schweber | 5/3/2016

Your sales revenue? It’s heading out for a coffee. And that intellectual property awaiting patents? It’s off to the airport. Your data will go wherever your people go... and sometimes beyond. One study recently suggested that as much as 45% of corporate data is held on endpoint devices, often against corporate knowledge and completely unprotected. In order to protect your data, you must know where it is. Endpoint Data Discovery is a new data security feature in Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) that provides unparalleled visibility into the data on every endpoint.

Endpoint Data Discovery, a part of Absolute DDS, allows you to locate specific sensitive data, right down to confidential project names, payment, customer and other information. You can track important data automatically, or in response to a security incident where an endpoint may be at risk.

Tracking important data is easy; simply add an “Expression Set” in Absolute DDS to track anything from financial terms, social insurance number, social security number, health terms, ID sample, or a specific query unique to your organization’s proprietary data. As shown in our video above, you can target each expression set with granular accuracy, allowing you to track that information in real-time, or historically.

Once you’ve defined what kind of data you want to track, Endpoint Data Discovery in Absolute DDS will show you which endpoints contain this data. It’s probably more than you’re expecting. If people are accessing the wrong data, you can investigate further. Never before have organizations had this kind of visibility into the data held on endpoint devices, whether laptops, tablets or smartphones.

If a device is lost or stolen, run a scan so you can know with certainty if this is a non-event or a full-scale emergency. If the endpoint contains sensitive data, use remote security options (Device Freeze or Data Delete) to safeguard it. With Absolute DDS, you can provide regulators with proof that no sensitive data was on the endpoint at the time of the security incident and that no data breach occurred.

Go where your data goes with Absolute.

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