Interoperability with HPE Security ArcSight Now Available

By: Arieanna Schweber | 7/26/2016

At Absolute, we’re known for our persistent endpoint security and data risk management solutions. We provide unrivalled insight into your endpoint deployment and the sensitive data they contain, regardless of user or location. We have now expanded that visibility with real-time endpoint security intelligence with HPE Security ArcSight interoperability. This connectivity will help give customers greater insight into endpoint data to improve the detection and response to data threats, including advanced attacks.

Examining Threats in Real-Time

Interoperability between Absolute and the HPE ArcSight Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform enables customers to consolidate Absolute DDS event data within the HPE Security ArcSight environment. This data can then be examined in real-time and in the context of an organization’s broader security ecosystem. By leveraging HPE ArcSight real-time event correlation features, organizations will receive alerts identifying potential security threats. This combination uses endpoint intelligence to provide greater visibility into user and network activity.

Security Oversight Simplified

Earlier this year, we extended IT oversight within Absolute DDS to include the status of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) on each device as well as the integration of Absolute alerts with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. This integration simplified and consolidated security oversight for many organizations, making endpoint security easier to oversee and extending capabilities for realtime corrective action to alerts. The extension of our interoperability to now include the HPE Security ArcSight platform provides our mutual customers with enhanced security analysis and data risk management capabilities from within the HPE Security ArcSight console.

“Analyzing security intelligence across all layers informs IT policies and corporate strategy using the broadest context possible,” said Christopher Bolin, Chief Product Officer, Absolute. “Our partnership with HPE ArcSight facilitates the delivery of Absolute endpoint security data within the HPE ArcSight console. This provides our mutual customers with a unique layer of insight so they can develop effective security operations and response procedures.”

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