Integrating MDM into ITSM

By: Absolute Team | 1/28/2013

Oleg Sin recently guest posted on NetworkWorld about the benefits to operational efficiency from integrating MDM into ITSM.

The premise of the article is that ITSM is about creating efficiencies that minimize cost and maximize benefits to customers through the adoption of a integrative approach to IT. The problem, according to the article, is that many MDM solutions on the marketplace are stand-alone, which contradicts the goals of ITSM.

In an ideal situation, MDM and ITSM would sync such that many MDM processes are automated, defined and integrated with business processes. Such processes would include registering new devices, de-activating employee access upon an employee leaving the company, enforcing standards (passwords, encryption) and managing apps on devices, irregardless of ownership or device type.

Absolute Manage and Absolute Manage MDM offer you the ability to manage and secure the mobile devices in your deployment while seamlessly integrating with Absolute Service, our new ITSM solution.

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