Insights from Data Security in 2011

By: Absolute Team | 1/23/2012

Just as we have summarized 2011 in terms of data breaches, and talked about some of the breakdowns of those stats, Trend Micro has put together a report on 2011, Information is Currency, highlighting how 2011 was the "Year of Data Breaches."

The report looks back at some of the predictions prior to 2011 and what we saw throughout the year. Insights include:

  • Targeted attacks were prevalent and costly
  • Mobile threats are maturing
  • Malware targeted social networks
  • Reported exploited vulnerabilities went down overall
  • Hacktivism became a large issue in 2011, unforeseen

The report will look more into what we can learn from 2011. A great read for planning into 2012.

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