Insider Threats: An In-Depth Look

By: Absolute Team | 9/26/2012

SC Magazine has recently released a spotlight report on Insider Threats, which the report suggests are on the rise. "A weakened economy and freely available technologies are pushing some trusted employees over to the dark side," the report suggests. Crimes perpetrated by insiders in the US are most often fraud followed by sabotage, espionage, theft of IP or other.

Insider threats are not in the news as much as other vectors of attack, but the report suggests they present an "equally significant, if not larger, liability to organizations." The report examines who in the organization is most likely to cause damage through insider offenses, the average losses by insider thieves and how intrusions are handled.

So, what can be done? The report takes advice from industry experts on strategies, policies, and technologies to help curtail insider threats. In addition to malicious attacks, the report looks at unintentional breaches that are the result of human error and what can be done about that. The report is very comprehensive and considers some great discussions as well as actionable items.

To download the report, scroll to the PDF link from the homepage (no direct link available).

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