Information Security 101: Data Protection

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/27/2015

One of the first rules of Information Security is data protection. We are all familiar with encryption, anti-malware and anti-virus technology. And yet, these protections all have their faults. You have encryption… but how do you know it’s active? And what if they key is right there? Plus, there’s always the risk that a device could  be lost or stolen.

Visibility is key to data protection. To achieve this, you need a persistent connection to each device. One that can’t be turned off or deleted. You need alerts that whenever a device, or data it contains, is at risk, or if suspicious activity occurs. You can gain this insight, along with proactive security controls, from Absolute Data and Device Security (DDS).

At Absolute, we believe in a layered approach to data security, one supported with the insight you need to know that data is always protected. Learn more about Absolute DDS in our product demo.

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