INFO AG Uses Absolute Manage with Employees and Customers

By: Absolute Team | 11/22/2013

We recently put together a new Case Study highlighting how INFO AG chose Absolute Manage for mobile device management, with the ease of deployment, automated software distribution and licensing options setting apart from the competition.

The Challenge at INFO AG

INFO AG is a leading provider of IT outsourcing and IT consultation in Germany with more than 700 employees. Previously, there were 3 mobile device use classes at INFO AG: BlackBerry phones for senior management, basic mobile phones for some employees, BYOD laptops or smartphones for some employees.

Over time, it was clear that the current regime would not hold. Employees at all levels of the organization wanted greater choices in devices, more tablets and laptops replaced desktops, and the workforce became more mobile. With mobile devices often inaccessible by the IT team, they needed a solution to remotely manage all devices and the corporate data they contained.

The Solution: Absolute Manage

INFO AG reviewed multiple vendors seeking a solution; in the end, they chose Absolute Manage as the best option for their needs. What set Absolute Manage apart was easy deployment, automated software distribution and licensing options, and the ability to deploy the solution to not only employees, but also customers.

To find out how INFO AG uses Absolute Manage to access all features from one user-friendly console, automate IT tasks, continue to support BYOD and CoPE, and secure corporate data, check out the case study here. In particular, check out how INFO AG uses Absolute Manage to create a robust series of checks to ensure compliance.

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