Incident Response Services at Absolute

By: Arieanna Schweber | 3/21/2016

Did you know that Absolute offers Incident Response Services? Our Professional Services team offers a range of InfoSec Services to help you strengthen your security posture to prevent data breaches, but also provides on-demand access to incident management and incident response experts in your moment of need.

There is a direct correlation between how quickly an organization can identify and contain a data breach and the financial consequences that may result. The first 24 hours after a data breach are all about identifying the severity and scale of a breach and implementing your data breach response plan - that’s where we can help. Using Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS), our experts have handled hundreds of large-scale security incidents and can assist you in managing an incident to quickly and effectively return your business to normal.

Absolute Incident Response Services include:

  • Experts trained in incident response that will assist you in incident identification, containment, removal, and ongoing prevention
  • Delivery on key response services including host-based forensics, malware analysis, network forensics and log analysis
  • Identification the root cause(s) of an incident
  • Detection of possible security vulnerabilities
  • Detailed incident summary report
  • Guidance on response efforts
  • Expertise in liaising with law enforcement / legal
  • Investigative assistance for sensitive incidents involving fraud, employee misconduct, IP theft and internal investigations with a focus on endpoint forensics
When dealing with a security incident, speed is everything. Let Absolute help augment your security team to minimize the ramifications of your incident and help you resume normal business operations.

Read more about our Incident Response Services here or in our info sheet or find out more about the full spectrum of Professional Services offered by Absolute on our website or in our info sheet.

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