Identity Theft Top Consumer Complaint in 2009

By: Absolute Team | 3/12/2010

The FTC has released a report stating that the top consumer complaint for 2009 was identity theft. The FTC received 278,078 complaints of identity theft during the year, topping the list with 21% of all the 1.3 million complaints received.

Despite topping the list, the number of complaints actually went down 5% from the 2008 figures and going down in absolute figures for the first time since 2000. Of the other complaints, Third Party and Creditor Debt Collection ranked second on the list of complaints and Internet Services ranked third.

Looking more closely into the identity theft complaints, 17% of those complaints were credit card fraud. The next most common complaints were government documents/benefits fraud and phone or utilities fraud. Florida had the highest per capita rate of identity theft in the US.

This data indicates all of the complaints received by the FTC but does not indicate absolute crime figures. None of the complaints were verified by the FTC.

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