How to Prevent Healthcare Data Breaches

By: Arieanna Schweber | 8/14/2015

Today’s healthcare organizations are under pressure to increase the affordability, quality and efficiency of patient care, all while streamlining costs and staying compliant with ever-changing regulatory legislation. Those demands alone are enough to strain resources to the breaking point. However, recent studies show that protecting patient information is one of the biggest challenges that modern health practices face.

Data breaches cost the healthcare industry an estimated $5.6 billion annually; the average loss in the value of a brand could be up to $330 million — a figure not many health practices can afford. Healthcare organizations are struggling to adapt to a new landscape where just one breach can cripple a business. In the Absolute whitepaper, Best Practices for Healthcare Data Breach Prevention, we offer tips on how you can prevent healthcare data breaches:

  • Employee education as the first line of defense
  • How to properly perform regular risk assessments, mandatory now under the HITECH Act
  • How to perform a security self-audit, ensuring you have technology in place that can self-heal, that can generate reports on hardware, software or user changes and that can automatically alert IT to suspicious activity
  • How to leverage a layered security strategy

To learn more, download our whitepaper, Best Practices for Healthcare Data Breach Prevention

Healthcare organizations around the world rely on Absolute to secure devices—and the sensitive patient data they contain. Absolute gives you the confidence to enable mobility so your organization can deliver the highest levels of patient care while protecting and securing patient information. Absolute is a critical part of an effective layered security model, providing lifecycle security, risk assessment and risk response to help organizations prevent costly data breaches. Absolute DDS can help you identify potential security threats and respond rapidly before they become damaging security incidents. Learn more about Absolute's security solutions here.

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