How to Pivot Your Company: The Absolute Software Story

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 4/8/2013

Chairman and CEO of Absolute Software, John Livingston, recently published an article for Business Insider entitled "How To Pivot Your Company Without Alienating Dedicated Customers." The article discusses how adaptive organizations can pay off, if executed on the right strategy. As John notes in the article, it is up to the CEO to accurately execute the pivot strategy in a way that evolves the company naturally.

"When done properly though, the evolution of a company will be perceived as a strategic success and brand-builder rather than a mad scramble for the “next big thing” as is often the case."

There are, of course, many companies who incorrectly assess opportunities and end up losing credibility and market share.

In the article, John shares his insights as a technology entrepreneur of more than 20 years, sharing key points on:

  • Solving big problems, again and again, by understanding your market and knowing where you can help solve it
  • Learn from your past; know your successes and what drove them
  • Listen to your customers

As John notes, "A business shift should only happen if you have an interest in solving the problem your way." Throughout the article, John shares how Absolute Software has evolved into the endpoint management and security company it is today. Building upon a customer conversation and research of the market, Absolute Software shifted from device recovery to solve the problem of securing corporate data and streamlining mobile-driven IT. Read the rest of the article here.

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