How to Deal with Cyberbullying

By: Absolute Team | 4/1/2010

We've talked in the past about the growing problems with cyberbullying - the new form of bullying that often takes place online or via text message. Kids bully each other on websites, on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and that bullying can spill over into the school environment.

So, what should parents or educators do about this problem? I saw some great advice at the Hartford Courant I wanted to pass on:

Do talk with your kids about cyberbullying - what it is, what it means, how they should respond to it

Don't assume the problem will go away if they stop using cell phones or social networking sites, or even blocking those bullies. That may cause the issue to spill to the hallways or classrooms.

Do keep a record of instances of bullying - if anything becomes a threat or escalates, take the info to the school

If the bullying becomes threatening or spills over into the school, the school can step in and get all the parents together. Don't feel like you need to be the one to take care of cyberbullying - and don't let your child feel like this form of bullying is ok.

It may be harder to spot this type of bullying - there are no physical marks, no calls from the school - but it is all too prevalent. Talk with your kids about it so that they feel comfortable coming to you if it ever becomes an issue for them.

For more information, you can visit this site or search the web for many great resources on the issue.

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