How MDM and ITSM Can Play Nice

By: Absolute Team | 8/12/2013

Darren Williams, who heads up the vision and strategic direction of Absolute's Service Management devision after our acquisition of LiveTime Software, recently began a blog on Computerworld: People, Process and IT. In his latest blog post, "Why MDM and ITSM need to play nice," Darren discusses how BYOD has impacted IT services and what you should consider when it comes to mobility and ITSM.

"With so many different form factors on the network, mobile device management (MDM) has become a mainstay for most organizations, providing IT with the means to secure and manage these devices. And since endpoint security and management are the responsibility of IT, it’s imperative that your MDM technology integrates with your ITSM solution."

When MDM properly integrates with your ITSM solution, data will flow from the MDM application to the CMDB within your ITSM environment and administrators will have a consolidated view to monitor and support the endpoints. Darren's article outlines:

  • Re-assessing ITSM processes to incorporate MDM
  • Supporting BYOD security with ITSM (such as on-boarding and off-boarding employees)
  • Setting up your BYOD policy
  • Defining ITSM processes and procedures that follow the rules of your BYOD policy
  • Allowing for mobility for IT
  • The impacts of supporting employees

Read the full discussion here and subscribe to his Computerworld blog for more People, Process and IT insights.

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