How Governments Can Embrace Mobile Technology

By: Absolute Team | 1/9/2013

I recently wrote an article for The Information Daily in the UK on the public sector's love/hate relationship with new technology. "Digital by default: we must embrace technology in the public sector," examines both the resistance and fear attached to new technology as well as the optimism of its benefits. Overall, the public sector has a reputation for being tardy to the new tech field, but that's no longer the case.

With initiatives such as 'digital by design', the government is demonstrating an increasing commitment to innovation across all areas of its operations. That said, the success of these outcomes on dwindling budgets has yet to be seen.

Which brings us to the Autumn Statement for 2013, released this week, which highlights the ongoing challenges of improving service while balancing the books. We need to redouble the focus on looking at how innovations can be made to pay off in wider and more efficient ways.

In the article, I outline the struggles that local organisations are facing with mobile device management. While they offer tremendous advantages for communicating with citizens and managing employee work, too often IT is pushing back out of fear of security risks. Given the slate of data breaches in the UK from the government sector in past years, this is not surprising.

When it comes to mobile devices, firm security can be established. We recently worked with Camden Council to secure their devices and make a number of efficiency benefits in the process.

Technology can make it easy to not only lock these devices, but wipe and recover them; it’s about creating a comprehensive, real-time and informed picture of all these machines. The added bonus to this is that you can track which computers are and aren’t being used efficiently, distributing them to the employees that need them most and making sure that nothing lays dormant.

The government cannot cut corners when it comes to securing data, and the pace of technology requires that government must consider how it confronts these challenges. At Absolute Software, we offer a number of solutions for governments, including the ability to safeguard public information on mobile devices.

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