Hardware Still the Core of IT Data Security in a Cloud-Based Era

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 4/12/2014

Errol olsenAbsolute Software CEO Errol Olsen was recently a guest author on WIRED talking about the importance of not overlooking hardware. All the talk these days is on software, apps and the cloud, but none of it would exist without hardware.

In “Hardware: The Silver Lining for All Things Cloud,” Errol Olsen notes: “All of the connections and interactions that software offers us exist only because they are communicated by our hardware. Without a tangible piece of equipment plugged into our software universe, music would be silenced, apps would never be installed, and email would forever be unread."

So, why does this matter? In the article, Errol outlines why hardware is still key:

  • Hardware is the first line of defence - servers, computers, mobile devices all act as warning systems for operational and security threats
  • Hardware can assess corporate risk to corporate networks and data

Whether it’s providing early warning signs or running health check points on hardware, it’s clear that data security still rests with hardware, despite our use of software and cloud technology. Given this, it’s more important than ever to have a way to reliably assess our hardware - our endpoints - to pinpoint risks.

With technology such as Absolute persistence, hardware and software can keep working together. Our firmware-installed technology rests in the hardware, so if an endpoint is tampered with, the software can rebuild itself allowing IT a persistent connection to each device - which is vital for corporate security. If a bad software app has been installed, a patch fails, or some other potentially damaging condition happens, IT can take action before a security incident can occur. Even a malicious attempt to tamper with a device can be reversed, quickly and remotely.

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