Happy Earth Day - Turn Off Your Computers

By: Absolute Team | 4/22/2010

Today, April 22, 2010 marks the 40th anniversary for Earth Day. And while computers have increased efficiencies, they're contributing to some of the biggest wastes for businesses - both for the environment and the balance sheet.

According to a report by Climate Savers Computing, "companies across the U.S. are wasting $2.8 billion and emitting 20 million tons of carbon dioxide to power PC's that aren't shut down." Also, a business with a 40 hour work week can waste an average of 76% on their PC energy bill simply by not turning off their computers at night.

But there's an easy way to force employees to shut down at night, and it's not by turning off the power to the building. By using software to enforce power management policies, businesses can both save money on their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Absolute Manage has a Power Management feature that lets you assign power saving profiles to computers based on connectivity, day, time, or login status, as well as build in defaults so the most energy efficient profile is enforces for maximum savings. You can even get a reports to determine your resource savings. The image to the right is an example of the Power Usage Report available with Absolute Manage.

You can try out Absolute Manage and it's Power Management feature - just download an eval version

Or you can see how an Absolute Manage customer was able to save $53,000 in one year.

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