Hacktivist Arrests Don't Diminish the Issue

By: Absolute Team | 3/16/2012

Hacktivism, the perpetration of hacking attacks as a means of political activism, has been getting a lot of attention over the last year. This month, there has been a lot of applause over the Lulzsec arrests - but what impact, if any, do these arrests have on businesses?

Six hackers in the US and abroad were charged for hacktivist attacks under the
"LulzSec" group, among others, that affected over one million people. Although this is commendable news, there is much to be discussed about hacktivism and what these arrests could mean for the movement.

As discussed on Trend Micro, there are issues that all corporations should consider when it comes to hacktivism.

  • Hacktivism is in the news because of its success; however, it should not be so easy for hackers to penetrate corporate networks
  • Arrests do not change the trajectory of the hacktivist movement - it may even escalate the issue
  • Arrests do not remove threats from the landscape. As above, hacktivism (and other cybercrime) will continue to plague businesses of all sizes

Although hacktivists receive a lot of media attention, they are not the worst that cybercrime has to offer. True cybercriminals aim to steal and re-sell your information - not make a point. This type of cybercrime is both more damaging and more difficult to detect. Companies must continually assess and re-assess security policies in order to keep up with the constant changes in the security environment.

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