Hackers Stealing Through Electrical Outlets

By: Absolute Team | 11/4/2009

It’s almost unbelievable but hackers have found a way to steal personal information through electrical outlets.  It sounds implausible to many but, unfortunately, the threat is actually real.

I read an article about how hackers have found a way to “steal information typed on a computer keyboard using nothing more than the power outlet to which the computer is connected.”

How is that possible?  Typing on a regular keyboard sends an electrical signal through the unshielded cable to the computer which then leaks the information into the ground wire on the computer’s power supply.  All a thief has to do is set up in a nearby location and use a power socket in order to detect and grab the information in the ground leakage.  This is possible up to 15 meters away.

I never would have thought this sort of thing was possible but that’s why hackers are so good at what they do – they find ingenious ways to get other people’s vital information.  If only they used those skills to do something good for the world…like find a solution to this problem.

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