Hackers Invited to Test U.S. Cyber Networks

By: Absolute Team | 1/11/2010

The U.S. Cyber Challenge allows techies from all backgrounds to attempt to penetrate the nation’s cyber networks.  The goal is to find 10,000 top notch cyber security specialists.  It sounds like a good idea!

The first round of the Challenge started back in June and those who advanced were sent to Washington to compete in NetWars, which basically sounds like an online version of Capture the Flag.  The hackers try to get into and gain control over a target computer system and then protect it from intruders.

The design of the game is pretty clever and straightforward.  A key is hidden in an image and players must find the key and use it to enter their online environment.  From that point forward, they have to use their skills to exploit security vulnerabilities.

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