Goodwill Enriches Student Learning with the Help of Absolute

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 6/6/2016

Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana is a non-profit social enterprise that offers opportunities, services, and resources to improve the education, skills, employability and life skills for adults and young people. Goodwill Industries supports a school district comprised of 3,300 students across 11 tuition-free charter schools, often serving at-risk students who do not have access to digital technologies to support their learning. Goodwill Industries partners with the school district to provide these disadvantaged students access to laptops to help narrow the digital divide and enrich digital learning. With a current high rate of device theft and loss, Goodwill Industries needed a way to ensure student learning could continue unimpeded by costly theft.

Device Loss and Theft: Costly to Students and to Goodwill Industries

Stanley Dixon, Application Analyst for Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, noted that current IT management procedures and technologies did not exist to ensure enrolled devices were accounted for or that content accessed on the devices was considered safe for student consumption. Without a tool to remotely track the location of the devices off the local network, Goodwill experienced high rates of device theft and loss, which was not only costly, but disadvantageous to individual students and classrooms impacted by the loss of devices crucial to the curriculum.

“Often times, humans are the point of failure in the system. We were experiencing a lot of device loss and Absolute DDS has been by far the greatest tool in addressing this challenge,” Stanley Dixon, Application Analyst for Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries turned to Absolute DDS to protect their hardware investment. To combat theft and loss, devices are now restricted to school grounds. Using the geofence capabilities in Absolute DDS, if a device leaves a specific geographic area, an alert is automatically triggered. In these cases, Goodwill can remotely freeze those devices with Absolute DDS. Knowing these precautions are in place, theft and loss have gone way down.

Absolute DDS also helped Goodwill Industries address the challenges in ensuring content being accessed was appropriate for student consumption. Absolute DDS will send automated alerts if students attempt to go off the approved network or use a personal hot-spot in an attempt to access blacklisted content and sites.

Read the full case study to learn how Goodwill deters theft, ensures network compliance, and monitors their inventory with Absolute. For more on how Absolute DDS can help deliver a digital learning experience while promoting a safer school environment and securing your IT assets, we offer Absolute DDS for Education, a compressive program that pairs Absolute DDS with the education and support of our Investigations team.

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