Global Radio Transforms Device Management with Absolute Manage

By: Absolute Team | 11/12/2013

We recently put together a new Case Study highlighting how Global Radio chose Absolute Manage MDM for to transform their mobile device management, giving them granular support over device and software monitoring, an easy way to deploy changes to devices and offering insight into better device management practices.

The Challenge at Global Radio

Global Radio is the UK's premier radio company with over 20 million listeners tuning in. Global Radio has approximately 1,300 users spread across 21 locations across the UK, utilizing Apple MacBooks and an additional 400 iPads for the sales team. The sales team utilizes an in-house developed App to showcase and demonstrate the benefits of radio advertising.

A centralized IT team is responsible for managing the fleet of laptops and iPads, monitored via a quick response code. Some devices only return to the office every couple of weeks, making the management of devices difficult for IT: logistics, inventory, user and device downtime, tracking, and user management (for new employees and ones leaving the organization) quickly became a problem.

The Solution: Absolute Manage MDM

Global Radio reviewed multiple vendors seeking a solution; in the end, they chose Absolute Manage MDM as the best option for their needs, a solution that was not too expensive and supported multiple device types. For Global, the advantage of Absolute Manage is its support for all devices, the amount and quality of data it collects and the open APIs to manipulate the data. As well as device and software monitoring, Global has created several programmes, such as asset management, that integrate with Absolute Manage to provide more granular information about device use. In the case study, we provide an example on how Absolute Manage is used to track and monitor a known fault in a different program on the laptop.

To find out how Global Radio uses Absolute Manage MDM to improve quality of service, maximize asset utilization and reduce operating costs in a myriad of ways, check out the case study here

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