Global Data Protection: Where Do You Stand?

By: Arieanna Schweber | 9/21/2015

Last week, we discussed how global data regulations can impact businesses of all sizes, as outlined by Jonathan Armstrong, technology lawyer for Cordery and data regulation advisor at Absolute. Expanding on that discussion, Jonathan has put together a video, alongside fellow Cordery lawyer Gayle McFarlane, outlining some additional shifts in the global data regulation landscape.

In the video, Gayle and Jonathan discuss a number of important regulatory changes, including:

  • The recent enforcements by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against organizations inaccurately representing their certification under its “Safe Harbor” Framework. In order to transfer data from the EU and Switzerland to the US, the Framework requires adequate standards in a number of areas, including data security
  • A status update on the EU GDPR regulations
  • A discussion of other data protection news including recent developments in Bavaria and the Schrems litigation against Facebook for alleged data violation

Keeping abreast of changing data regulations is a complicated issue. Every business has the capacity to become a global business, with customers around the world. This creates a complex regulatory environment that many businesses are unprepared to deal with.

Check out Jonathan's recent article for Tech Page One on Data regulation around the world for further reading, and learn how Absolute can help your organization navigate the choppy regulatory landscape and to mitigate data security risks at

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