Get Realistic About HIPAA Security

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 7/21/2014

In our featured Analyst Report, Gartner explores how Healthcare Delivery Organization (HDO) CIOs should move accountability for information security and privacy up to the board level by leveraging the increasing public attention to privacy breaches.

The seemingly continual and high profile news surrounding healthcare data breaches and increasing fines, and the recent HITECH changes for HIPAA, has created special opportunities for HDO CIOs to create meaningful dialogue on security accountability.

hipaaLogoThe report looks at the steady increase in HIPAA enforcement, with many healthcare organizations paying federal fines more than $1 million, as well as the differences in requirements as HDOs seek payments for the meaningful use of electronic health record systems. Many of the HIPAA proactive audits show that healthcare organizations have fundamental shortcomings they may not be aware of, which could now result in federal fines under HIPAA as well as fraud and criminal penalties for inaccuracies reported under meaningful use of EHR systems.

Gartner estimates that HIPAA audits and other enforcement will impact far more HDOs in the next two years than ever before, so HDOs should not only increase awareness of breaches and sanctions, but conduct a full risk-based assessment and anticipate budgeting for compliance in the next 2 years to be 2-3 times the current amount.

To read more, download our featured Gartner report, “Top Actions for Healthcare Delivery Organization CIOs: Get Realistic about HIPAA Security.” To learn more about how to be proactive in protecting healthcare data, check out how Absolute Software can help.

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