Get a Point-in-Time Assessment of Your Endpoint Security

By: Arieanna Schweber | 7/14/2016

Absolute Endpoint Risk Assessment Services provide a point-in-time assessment of the security posture of your workstations. Get critical insight into existing threats and security vulnerabilities for devices on and off your corporate network.

Use the Endpoint Risk Assessment (ERA) before a formal audit to identify and fix deficiencies. Alternatively, initiate an ERA after a security incident to ensure that new security measures are effective. The ERA can also be used on a regular basis to help enforce existing IT security policies. The information delivered through our ERA typically replaces many custom in-house scripts or multiple tools. A single tool to assess your endpoint makes our ERA easy to run and easy to understand. With a well-rounded picture, you can better assess the effectiveness of your endpoint security.

In addition, your ERA report will include information on everything from operating systems and status of security tools to notable suspicious files, applications reports (including use of cloud sharing and peer-to-peer apps) alongside actionable recommendations.

As part of the ERA process, the Absolute DDS agent will be deployed to your workstations for a period of four weeks, if not currently deployed. Critical security data will recollected from workstations, aggregated and analyzed for critical security issues and vulnerabilities.

To learn more, download our Endpoint Risk Assessment Services data sheet or sample report.

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